Birth and Childhood

Born to  Shashi Kumar and Yogamaya Ghosh on August 27th, 1931, in the small village of Shakpura in East Bengal, India (now Bangladesh), Sri Chinmoy was the youngest of seven children.  He had a charmed childhood as the “darling” of the family and was known affectionately by the name “Madal” (Bengali for kettledrum because he made so much noise).   Unfortunately, Sri Chinmoy lost his father at the age of eleven and became an orphan only a year later when his mother died.  He then left Bengal, along with one of his sisters and two of his brothers, for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in South India to join the rest of his family.

Thankfully, Sri Chinmoy has recounted many stories from his early days and published them in several books.  For the first time, these stories are arranged chronologically on this web site.  Please select the event or story from the navigation menu on the left.


Family Sketch (L to R): Mantu, Ahana, Lily, Shashi Kumar (father), Hriday,
Yogamaya (mother), Arpita, Chitta with Chinmoy smiling behind them

You may also read additional stories in the following books (from which most of the stories are drawn):

My Father Shashi Kumar Ghosh

To the Streaming Tears of My Mother’s Heart and to the Brimming Smiles of My Mother’s Soul

My Brother Chitta