Sri Chinmoy In The West


Consulate Years

On April 13, 1964, Sri Chinmoy arrived in New York to begin his manifestation in the West For three years Sri Chinmoy worked at the Indian Consulate in New York City before he was able to devote himself entirely to his growing mission of spiritual service.

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Consulate Stories

A charming and insightful look at Sri Chinmoy’s early experiences whilst working in the Consulate.

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Also from this period Sri Chinmoy narrated a number of stories about his early friends and admirers


 Establishing a Centre 1966 –

Information about Early Centres and the AUM centres first printing press.

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Expanding Abroad

Stories from Sri Chinmoy’s first visits to other countries. These included visits to Oxford and Cambridge University’s.

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Activities of Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy has been engaged in numerous different activities. As diverse as Music, Art, Sport and Writing.

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